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Mama, when did you stop seeing life as an adventure that it is? When did you start taking life so seriously? When did you begin to put play aside?

Play is part of our natural way of being. Just as exploration, creativity and joy is! You became an inspiration for children to live as their true selves as you begin to live as your unique self, in your natural creative expression.

Will you join us in PLAY mama, You get to have fun on this journey too.



Are you experiencing “emotional hunger”?

95% of our behaviour as adults comes from the beliefs reinforced through our earliest life experiences, most of all to leave our child-like wonder and curiosity behind. If our new ways don’t reflect our truest selves we remain hungry for emotional connection; that which is offered by the mother energies. At Raising Humanity, we call the disconnection from what nurtures us as children Emotional Hunger. 

Identifying where the hunger is rooted within us can help us re-parent ourselves, so that we can be more available for relationships and life itself. 

Take the quiz to find out how your life may be driven by emotional hunger.


Do you sometimes …

  • Feel like you are constantly doubting yourself and your choices?
  • Wonder why being around children can be upsetting?
  • Feel like you don’t recognize yourself anymore, in all of your emotions and overwhelm?
  • Wish you felt less alone in the journey of life


We see you. We hear you.

We are in an epidemic of disconnection. More than ever before, we are asked to re-parent ourselves and inspire future generations from that place.

As grown-ups reconnect to their true and whole nature, they can be the example which future generations need to live an authentic and inspired life. This comes about as we connect to the child within us!

We help you turn the modern-day struggle into the joyful growth journey that life can be.



We believe …

We believe that the future of humanity depends on how children are being supported.

  • We believe that the work of restoring peace and connection through truth in our world begins by connecting to the child within us.
  • We believe that being in the company of children is one of the greatest paths to learning who we truly are.
  • We believe that we all have unique journeys to the same destination – that of our individual and collective potential. 
  • We believe that we are here to walk this path together. To awaken our lives to our innate magnificence as grown ups, and all those whom we inspire.

Everyone needs a village. This is yours.

Our Approach

Our multi-pronged approach offers a life-changing opportunity to create a new reality for yourself and your children.

Your Global Support Team

We have come together from all corners of the world in honour of one very aligned purpose: to support you, and your parenting journey, in the most transformative way possible.

We are passionate and diverse community of teachers, coaches, healers, innovators, entrepreneurs, scientists, doctors, parents and students, with hundreds of years of combined experience and wisdom.


What People Are Saying

  • Raising Humanity created so many amazing shifts for my wife and I.

    We became more aware of the trauma that was being triggered, the wounds that needed healing, and the beliefs that needed to be further unpacked and transformed.
    Mike Zeller | Nashville, USA
  • Humanity is hungry for soulful, conscious leaders as Ashley.

    Ashley understands the conscious parenting path to a profound degree. She is one of the wisest, most loving, visionary leaders in this arena that I have had the honor of meeting. She is extremely passionate about awakening one's inner authentic truth with self love. Her very presence is inspiring to all who know her.

    Her personal journey of self-healing has deepened her understanding and appreciation of what is needed to create wholeness within. Ashley's conscious loving parenting of her two sweet boys is an inspiration to all of us parents. She is caring, supportive and authentic. Leaders like Ashley are the change we need in this world. I am so excited to be part of this Tribe with her.

    Madalina | Seattle, USA
  • Ashley has taught me ways to reconnect with my kids on a deeper level.

    From the moment I met Ashley, she had this insatiable calming energy that was needed in my life. I've lived in the hustle vortex, building out multiple businesses and through my success I was missing out on the most important thing, my children.

    Ashley has taught me ways to reconnect with my kids on a deeper level, without yelling and being stressed all the time. Through her guidance I've become more conscious and lovable in my approach. I'm so grateful for her wisdom and helping me deepen my relationship with my family and bring peace back into my life.

    Julie | Chicago, USA
  • I highly recommend this program to anyone wanting a meaningful and positive change in their lives.

    It has been truly astonishing to witness Ashley's personal growth. She has made this a priority for the sake of herself and her children. She has been a great inspiration for me and a motivation to work on myself after seeing all of the beautiful changes in her life.

    This is THE program for personal growth and a better relationship with our children and everyone else in our lives. This is one decision you won't regret! Go with an open heart and be ready to see yourself change into the person you always knew you could be.

    Nadia | Vancouver, Canada
  • Ashley speaks from her heart.

    She is truly gifted in her writing and teaching. Her insight resonates with my inner being so much. I am so excited to see where this experience and community will take us. I am so thankful Ashley is speaking out about something that is so very important. May this help parenthood evolve into what is meant to be.

    Michelle | White Rock, Canada
  • Ashley is a gifted visionary and fit leader.

    From the experience of her own journey in connecting the heart, mind and soul, comes such wisdom and profound knowledge. Ashley has put her entire essence into creating the most incredible platform to support parents (and others), leading the way with such charisma and flair.

    Ulla | Limoux, France
  • Kind and conscientious are two of the first words that come to mind when I think of Ashley.

    She puts deep care into everything she does, and she chooses to be present. Ashley is curious and humble, always seeking the lesson, listening deeply, honouring all perspectives, and finding ways to make things better for the collective. Ashley lovingly holds space for both adults and children to have their own experience, and this is the freedom I believe we all want. She is in her Dharma, in service to humanity, rooting all she does in so much love.

    Rachel | Vancouver, Canada
  •  "I am blown away by the power of The Reconnection Project. It is, indeed, the most powerful process I have been allowing myself to open up to. In all my extended inner work, as a parent and human being, I have not yet come across something as opening and healing as this course. All the processes that happened in this safe container, have brought me and all the members here, through enormous breakthroughs.   I learned my biggest blockage was that I was not good enough, not significant enough. I felt small and insignificant and denied all abundance that was wanting to come into my life. In a very short period of time, I had the chance to grow and get to the next level in my self discovery and growth. All my relationships, including the one with my son, have gone to the next level and I am now more open to understanding and accepting the people that I love, including ME! As a parent and avid learner of self, I cannot recommend this experience enough!"
    Ramona | Dublin, Ireland

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Connecting with the truest version of ourselves, our children and life itself, is the reason we are here. Join us for a one-of-a-kind transformational journey, nurtured by a deeply experiential process, integration and community support.


Be the change you wish to see in the world.


Clean water is love.

When you invest in yourself through our work, you’re also creating meaningful change in the world. Because with every program you purchase, you support clean water for a family in need.