Lisseth Makhael
Quantum Healing

Hi, I’m Lisseth Makhael, and I’m a Subconscious Shifter, Quantum Leap Facilitator and Soul Integration Guide. I help changemakers, influencers and leaders that are on the spiritual path to OWN their power, meaning own, show up and lead their lives by BECOMING and BE-ing who they truly are, exponentialize their Soul Gifts, creating a bigger impact in their life and the world in ways they couldn’t even imagine.

This allows them to show up for their soul mission in a BIG way, and grow their businesses in quantum leaps! When working together, life becomes magical, relationships deepen, finances improve and most important we uncover the YOU you’ve always known was in there somewhere, but has been too afraid to fully show her/himself to the world.

Lisseth has worked with over 2000 people one:one and in group facilitations.