A Life on Purpose

A Life on Purpose
It’s never too late to step in more of that which we truly are. Take a chance on yourself once in a while. Life will repay you in magnificent ways.


How do we decide that we are living a life on purpose? How do we know that the life we are living is in alignment with our true self, rather than what we suspect we should be, to fit into our family or societal framework? A life that we were put on the planet to live, in all of our humanness and authenticity?

As parents, are we encouraging our children to live THEIR truth? Rather than our truth? I recall the reverence many held for doctors, lawyers. engineers or business’men’ in the societal framework we grew up in, yet those who were leading from their hearts in a different way, through artistry or creation, were much less acknowledged.

What does it take for us to let go of the familiar, and take a real chance on ourselves? To do what our heart truly desires, rather than what the logical mind suggests we grip onto?

We often stay with what we have known, for a lifetime. Patterns that are familiar and safe, careers we have spent years being educated on and trained in, relationships that are convenient, rather than reflective of our current path. And it is exactly that lack of allowance that is passed onto our children because we fear stepping out into the unknown. At what point do we get honest about how we are CHOOSING to live our lives, rather than settling for a mediocre and unfulfilled life?

What we were even 2 years ago, is likely not reflective of who we are now. If we are evolving with intention, that is. If you are still dancing in your comfort zone, perhaps there is an opportunity for contemplation there as to why the path has been linear. Do you feel you are worthy of taking a risk on YOURSELF?

I took a huge leap last year — I jumped into an area that my heart desired to go. Logic told me to stay with my past profession full time — the real estate career that was thriving. But it was also pulling me away from that which connected me to the life I most wanted and knew I was here for. My heart told me I wanted more than I had been experiencing up to this point. My calling was to go deeper into the meaning of life than I had otherwise known; to drop the familiar and explore more of my own truth.

Though we still manage our real estate side of the business, I have had to create space for myself to evolve by letting go of control of a system I once identified so strongly with. Creating a new way will always first require death of the old way. My way now with real estate is allowing and trusting the team to manage most of our work with some of my guidance. This has given me the space to pursue a passion project that I have been called to. A project that requires my presence at a different level, in serving and contributing to humanity in the realm of how we are raising the child within and outside of ourselves.

This all only became clear to me when I had slowed down enough to listen. When I stopped making excuses as to why I wasn’t already living my best, most meaningful life.

All of the pieces started to fall into place on their own when I said YES to the universe. There was no contemplation, no resistance, no effort. It just was as it needed to be. All of the right people started showing up to support the journey. Because I was open to the possibilities.

So here I am, in a completely differently reality — in the world of tech startups, growing and challenged constantly, living with ease, acceptance and flow, connecting with people all around the world daily, making differences that feel very close to my heart, and letting go of parts of my life that no longer feel true to me.

I spend quality, focused time with myself and those who really matter in my life, more than ever. I am more connected to my purpose. I forgive and accept easily. But I also now know my true intrinsic worth, and won’t stand for any less for myself. I am living my life, fully. A life I have decided on and take 100% responsibility for, rather than what my own family system or society would have decided for me. A life that I am not attached to, but rather open to witnessing however it may unfold. And from this place, I am serving myself, my children, and others, in a much more expansive way than I ever have before. Nothing feels like work anymore nor is there anything to hide away from or avoid, as it’s all in alignment with the truth I stand comfortably in.

What does it take to face the calling of our hearts, truly and honestly? To face what we have been gripping onto because it’s familiar, but doesn’t speak to the most alive version of ourselves?

Any process of life is about evolution of self. Of coming back to the very truth of who we are and the most unbounded version of our hearts. Without an openness to constant contemplation, we may end up working for the rest of our lives, without knowing what it is that we are truly working for.

It’s never too late to step in more of that which we truly are. Take a chance on yourself once in a while. Life will repay you in magnificent ways.