The Shift: Are The Current Institutions Truly Serving Our Truth?

The Shift: Are The Current Institutions Truly Serving Our Truth?

Our society has shifted from an industrial and mechanical based world, to an information based landscape. Our children are being born into a global context, and we can no longer support the scope that once was due to mass exposure and allowance for deviation from the old path of society. There is no widely accepted framework of values and rituals to spare us from individual decision making — we are radically shifting into a space of having to take responsibility for our own decisions and actions. We are required to be autonomous, and maintain higher levels of self trust, self reliance, initiative, innovation, self direction, and independence. This results in higher demands on our psychological systems. Self direction and self responsibility is increasing over time.

The institutions of employment and labour unions, religion, marriage, law, order, leadership and power, politics, and so much more are breaking down — what once was followed blindly for the sake of staying within the lines or the hope of leading us to salvation is no longer serving. With such change, newer generations such as ours are on the cusp of breaking through old paradigms as we have more freedom than ever before to adopt our own moral code, lifestyle, and criteria for success.

An example of this emergence of a new way of being are the millennial populous, who have been widely scrutinized for their departure from a traditional path, as it challenges those on it. ‘Success’ is no longer as linear as it once appeared, and ‘the dream’ is no longer of primary significance. The model of happiness as we once knew it is flawed. Societal frameworks of religion and marriage are not serving as they are. Corporations that are single mind focused (ie. bottom line) are not being supported unless there is a greater purpose behind their actions.

A shift always takes some level of unease, discomfort, disruption. The shift is often otherwise known as evolution of humanity.

We witness that a child will feel the need to rebel, as they come into their voice, after many years of walking down the path of another (most typically, a parent) without discernment. Sometimes in their teens, and other times in their 40s. We often see that a child who is ‘well behaved’ due to pressures to comply, or for the sake of approval, on the basis of the current framework is not fueling their own light. Fear is often driving the behaviour, in which energy the child can not step into the love, joy and connection they truly seek.

We have no choice but to eventually listen, and shift, when we start to feel the rumble within. Else the resistance will keep showing up in our lives. The movement towards truth takes acute attention to and awareness. Knowing self can help us detect what the patterning of societal, cultural and familial conditioning has helped us create — a self imprisoned life where ease and flow is nearly impossible. We attach to the next action in hopes of validation, belonging or acceptance — all outside of us, which keeps us on the wheel of performing and chasing the outside illusions of fulfillment. We model just that for our children and perpetuate cycles of lack and unworthiness. Just to create more of it. This clearly speaks to why anxiety levels are as high as we find them today. There is an undercurrent of unworthiness in most all actions, if they don’t stem from the truth of self.

If we want to move into the fullest version of ourselves and truly bathe in unconditional love, constantly expanding and standing in our truth, we have to start with loving and accepting all parts of ourselves, so that we can do that in turn for another. And that begins only with the deconstruction of most of the beliefs we attach to — those by which we deem ourselves worthy of love, attention, belonging, and acceptance. The ‘enoughness’ we have found in today’s world is often volatile, as it is dependent on outside forces, rather than a knowing that comes solely from within. Knowing that we are enough, just as we are, is our birthright. Remembering this along our journey is a gift.

The only chance we have in returning to freedom is moving beyond the control and being defined by the roles we play. We start to let go (beyond the assertion of our own free will of course), and begin to see the cracks by which the light can come through. We allow life to unfold just as it needs to, to help us see the lessons which have been carved out for our unique soul. The unlimited possibilities that now exist for any one individual lead to a greater need for discernment and self knowing — this is the cost of true liberation and joy.

It is time for us to push through the illusions that have kept us in fear of stepping out in our truth, and achieving the freedom that is beyond the perceived control. This is the only path to true freedom and flow, ease, and love for a life with, or without children.

We are returning to the depths of our roots; the ancient practices that ground us in simply being, in stillness, in accessing our inner wisdom by going within. Intuition is our life compass, and with it, we are stepping back into the knowing which honours that we are all unique souls on our own unique paths of awakening. When we deeply and truly see this within ourselves, we can honour the path ahead of ourselves, and the children of our world in all of their innocence.

Our purpose is to honour individuality within the space of the collective. Where we meet each other in our full truth, with unwavering acceptance. This is where we create space for everyone to live in their deepest and truest purpose.

This is where the magic happens.

Let’s journey there together.