Authentic Parenting Programs

Our Authentic Parenting  Programs

We just want to be WELL. Why does that feel like such a tall order in the modern-day parenting world? 

We want to help you simplify it all.

Parenting has become so complex in our generation. And it's because we don't have the support of an authentic village to remember who we actually are through our lives.

So that is what we have created here.

Our at-home (Online) Authentic Parenting ™  programs are offered with ease and 24-hour access. We know how difficult it is to schedule regular appointments with your therapist. Have intermittent support. Not have a safe community to be seen and held on an ongoing basis. This is why we bring it all to the comfort of your living room, online! 

We don't want you doing more than you already are, but rather LESS! (That may be the first time you've heard that as a grown-up, right?) 

You have enough on your plate already. And it's time you have a chance to become the human YOU want to be. Not the version of you the world asks for. We want you to feel joyful. Alive. Free. And on purpose. This was what the child within you is asking for!

From there, your children believe its possible for them to keep their own spirit alive. All they have needed is safe emotional connection with you to be reminded of that. And that comes from you feeling comfortable in your own nature.

Though it may take some effort upfront in unlearning all that you've learned, we pull old beliefs around love and connection at the root. Real change takes time to embody. And that is why we suppport you for more than just a few weeks or throw a book your way.

We need to understand the work in our bodies. Not just our minds. It’s not in our interest or yours to don't offer bandaid solutions. This is, most simply put, the real thing. Real change in real community.

It's time for you to consider becoming unbusy. Are you curious? Willing to live in a way that honours who you truly are? If so, we are here to help you. And every member on our team that will support you continues to walk the path themselves (yep, we get the frustration and overwhelm of this journey, fully!). 

You have a choice now to return to your natural state and reclaim your true worth. It doesn't need to continue to be a struggle. 

Remember, all children too were born forgiving, allowing, accepting and free. Yet, they are responding to the conditions of their outside world. So if you wish for them to experience life differently, you must do your part in it. 

Here is to defying all odds and doing less. All to be more. 

For you. And countless generations ahead.

We offer two types of Authentic Parenting Programs:

A 4-week experience focused on reclaiming balance in your life. This is an invitation to ditch the long days, rushed drop offs and the chronic exhaustion. Parenting does not need to look like this as we grow our awareness for what is fuelling your treadmill. This is all done without having to leave your own home, on your own time! Yes, it's all online.

*We recommend taking The Balancing Act prior to The ReConnection Project.


A multi-month deep dive that helps you create a new foundation of beliefs for you and those you inspire by being YOU! This authentic parenting ™ program is a blend of therapeutic facilitation, re-parenting coaching, emotional and energetic healing. This is an opportunity to detoxify your body and mind from years of conditioning, so you can create an environment and a lasting connection with yourself and those around you. This all done from the comfort of your living room, online.


Be the change you wish to see in the world.


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