Back-To-School Blues? Get Clear on What Brings You Joy

Back-To-School Blues? Get Clear on What Brings You Joy

You may be questioning how to structure your days, or yearn to be more productive. 

Yet, you are not only playing the role of full-time chef, chauffeur, and janitor, but that of a confidant, teacher and peer. 

So if you feel slow, lethargic, and foggy – it’s A-OK!

In fact, this could very well be a GOOD thing.  

You see, our world is designed for those who are running on high speed. But what we know, is that turning on the speed on our treadmills not only drains us, but also those around us. 

Now, the treadmill is being forced to slow down. We have a chance to consider how we want spend our time, and our lives, really. 

Yes, your family may want different things than you do. But to sustain yourself right now, it is important that you do in part what fuels you. 

Regardless of how you choose to school or not, find the joy NOW. Don’t have to wait until it’s all ‘good’ in your world. 

Your confidence and calm will increase by simply having a few daily JOY anchors in place. Your children will pick up on your new inspiration, and naturally feel lighter and more creative.

What if you introduced more joy throughout the day? With little to no effort? 

Here are some tips, to feel clearer and re energized daily: 

  1. Find a 5-minute exercise do each morning, before you pick up your phone or speak to anyone. Perhaps writing down your dreams in your journal, sitting with your eyes closed and imagining your happy place, or planting your feet in the grass outside, while taking in deep breaths and the sound of the birds. 
  2. While doing chores that you don’t love (yep, dishes and cleaning the toilets surely qualify!), turn up the music, light some candles and allow yourself to move. 
  3. Find one mid-afternoon activity that brings you joy. Don’t overcommit time-wise; rather make it easy and accessible. Maybe you sit intentionally with a cup of tea in your favourite place in the home or read a chapter of a book you love. 
  4. Limit your time on your phone. Choose 2-3 times in your day to check in, intentionally. 
  5. Find 10 minutes in each the morning, afternoon and evening to be fully present to your children. No agenda and no judgement. 
  6. Ask yourself and your children some questions over dinner- how would you spend your time if you could really choose to do anything? What do you dream of at night? What would you put on your vision board if you were to create one? These may be clues as to how to incorporate more of what you love into the coming year. 

Most of our restlessness and fatigue in life is caused by our mind telling us to do one thing, and our hearts really wanting another. 

So be honest with yourself, and those around you. This is the time to create a life that matches your hopes and dreams, by assessing what really works for you and your family. 

Parent authentically. You are here to be you. 


Ashley Avinashi 

Founder, Raising Humanity