Becoming A Conscious Parenting

Awakening Through Parenting


What Is Conscious Parenting?


The controller. The workaholic. The binge drinker. The overeater. The judger. The avoider. The blamer. The over socializer. The helicopter parent. The emotionally unavailable parent or partner. The ‘good’ girl.The ‘nice’ boy. The martyr. The attention seeker. The ones who hide their voice and gifts.

Wherever we feel we are over-functioning for the sake of approval, belonging or love, or avoiding facing, we are acting out of the strategy we have taken on to keep us from connecting with our true selves. We often become so closely identified with these false versions and patterns of ourselves that we label them as our ‘personality.’ It is scary to let go. What would we do without roles, responsibilities, and ways of life that define us?

How do we shatter the beliefs that keep the patterns alive that truly aren’t serving? We all know that they are exhausting to maintain and do more harm than good, always.

Our evolution away from all we once knew, and into meeting our true selves, is life long. Children truly are one of life’s greatest catalysts in this journey. They are so present to their truth, and the truth of the alignment we carry with our own lives, that it will become clear when they are challenging us on our own beliefs. They represent the unmanifested parts of ourselves, so we will mirror what is unresolved in our own trauma and pain patterns.

It truly feels as though we have no attachments or expectations as we unveil our true nature, and we start to tackle that which is keeping the ego alive.

As we grow and shift, compassion, and empathy for self are at the forefront of letting go. Remind yourself, even years into your journey of awareness, that it doesn’t need to look perfect or easy. Growth will take stepping out of the COMFORT zone.

We are shown great opportunities along the way, as we break free of smaller, more limited ways and it may surely be uncomfortable. There will be teachers at every which turn. We will doubt ourselves over and over. We will be challenged by constructs that we have always known.

Keep trusting with a beginner’s mind that you here to see, and return to the purity of a heart that you were born with. The expansive, joyful, playful, curious heart children carry. Where everyone is equal to one another, and no separation exists.

That is our true essence. Children certainly offer the greatest portal to our own awakening of the true self ?

Join us for the journey at We are here for you and welcome you to our village. This is the place where everyone truly belongs to.