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Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be in deep connection with yourself, and another, in community? Connecting to and learning more about ourselves is the path to fulfillment, joy, and living a life on purpose.

We invite you into our local community events, where we begin to awaken those parts of us that may have been put aside in our earlier years in the quest for approval and love outside of us. As we reintegrate the different sides of our humanness back into our lives, we experience life as our whole and truest selves. Just as we were all born to do.

We know that authentic community is a vital part of our healing and growth processes. These community gatherings offer an opportunity to open up, express ourselves and connect in a meaningful way. As we are encouraged to express our real selves, we shine even brighter and give permission to those around us to do the same – including our children.

We welcome you to the village.


We believe that we learn best naturally, from one another, in community.


Check Out Our Recent Events!

The wonderful Deidre Sirianni had Ashley on her podcast, @radicallyaligned
They touch the surface of community-based healing models, re-parenting ourselves and reintegrating children back into society to learn from them.

Ashley’s Podcast with @rachelhayek_ in her very first episode on @the_podgecast
In this Podcast, Ashley shared in deep why do we guard ourselves against play as adults if it offers us so much? Why do we cut ourselves off from our own intuition? How does this impact our ability to connect to our children?


Nurturing our Children from the Inside Out with Ashley Avinashi | Parent Talk
We need to be as present as possible but understand that things will not always go the way we want and that this journey we’re on called Parenthood, is messy and that’s ok!

Ashley speaks in the Kids’ Healthy Body Series
Ashley shared more in depth on how loving ourselves is the path to children feeling safe in their bodies and loving themselves unconditionally.
As you know, we believe in the right environment, any child can thrive!
Ashley’s Podcast with Lindsay Miller from Stress Nanny 
Ashley is interviewed on the Stress Nanny podcast to dive into exploration of what it means to approach life, parenting and childhood from a playful and intuitive place
Ashley’s latest interview with Anda Ciob for Femme Lead Podcast, the podcast on female leadership and role models!
In this episode, Ashley speaks on the topic of authentic parenting ™, how do we find out who we are and what are our values, so we raise children from a place of authenticity and love, not only for ourselves but also for future generations.
The main message of this episode is to take responsibility for yourself and widen your lens to see ‘what else is out there for me’?
Ashley spoke with our friends at the Xploration Center on Vancouver Island on resilience. 
This seems to be an important theme these days- how do we actually find a way to keep going through this unending storm? The back-to-school blues are surely at their peak, as we face the anxiety and confusion that lies ahead. Will this work for my child? Will it work for me? Am I meant to go back to my job? Can I create differently, while keeping my child at home? Do I even have the energy to do so?
Tune in for more, as Ashley shares her views on resilience and how we can really find our calm in the chaos.

Let’s Do Lunch: How We Create Community Through Sharing Our Stories
Ashley talks about creating a community to surround us and nourish us. She dives into how the more we share our stories and explore the truth in them, the more we are able to express authentically and by extension create community.

The Re-Parenting Journey: Are you willing to reclaim your true nature as a parent?
Ashley dives into what had her walk the path towards her truest self, or one of least resistance. She feels that being our authentic selves is the greatest gift we could ever give our children.

Ashley’s Talk at the Ignite Summit
Ashley talks about how to revolutionize parenting to sustain humanity. She speaks about what does conscious, or connected, parenting mean, why is parenting really at the root of shifting humanity for good, how can we break the cycle of pain and struggle, for the long term and what is the 3-step cycle that our members move through, as they walk the path of awareness.

Ashley’s Podcast with Misfit Moms
Ashley is interviewed on the Mothers Of Misfits Podcast to dive into the dangers of living a distracted life and how to be fully present with our kids.

Ashley’s Interview on the Evolving Families Summit
What an honour is was to be a part of the Evolving Families Summit, and speak amongst parenting experts from around the world. Listen below, as Ashley speaks about the challenges we are coming up against in modern day parenting, and the solutions that will bring us back to presence, acceptance and joy.

Journey Forward with Joree Rose Interview
Ashley is interviewed on the ReParenting of Ourselves and discusses healing our inner child so we can show up to life fully and whole.

Conversation with Our Platform Experts: Lisseth, Quantum Energy Facilitator
Join us for this conversation, as we explore what brought Lisseth into her gifts, and why she feels that our inner work as parents is so vital to our children’s well being.

Life Outside The Hustle 175: Helping Parents Transform Their Lives And Legacies with Ashley Avinashi
There came a time where Ashley learned how separated she had become from her own intrinsic worth and intuition, working hard for the external and neglecting what truly mattered for her. Over the years, as she invested in herself honestly and leaned into her own truth, her entire life began to turn.

Conversation with Our Platform Experts: Bill Clum from Evolution of The Heart
Meet one of our experts with The ReConnection Project™, Bill. Bill and Patricia work deeply with the emotional body, helping us understand what is trapped and wanting to be released physically and energetically. With such movement, we become lighter and freer over time. Our true selves can shine out from behind all of the protectors as we step into the courage of unveiling them.


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