Multi Billion Dollar Industries – What Drives Them And How Loving Ourselves Truly Could Threaten Their Growth

Multi Billion Dollar Industries – What Drives Them And How Loving Ourselves Truly Could Threaten Their Growth

We dive into the hype over the most flawless beauty products. The most innovative fitness equipment. The quick-fix pill that will remedy all of our problems away. Another degree or certificate. The latest technology or hottest car. The newest home on the block.

Beauty. Fitness. Health care. Accolade and competition based education. Technology. Real Estate.

What do these industries all have in common? The obvious, yes — they are worth multi multi billions of dollars.

The not so obvious — they are all driven by the unmet needs within. They are also in itself drivers of most of our lack of peace and disconnection.

We try and have impeccable, glowing skin. We try and look fitter. We try and dissolve our mental illnesses and chronic pain overnight by popping pills. We want to have in our hands what others cannot have.

Yes, I’ve bought countless beauty products. Yes, I’ve trained for up to 3 hours a day at times and taken all of the supplements to get the beach bod. Yes, I have been driven by my external success and achievements for 35 of my 38 years on the planet. Yes yes, I’ve even worked tirelessly for corporate pharma and gone down the path of investment and development in real estate. You may ask, when was enough, enough? Or was it ever enough?

Generally speaking, and more so in Western society, we have learned to spend our entire lifetime earning more so we can have more, do more and be more for the world. The cost of buying into this cycle is tremendous. Once we are on the hamster wheel, dedicating ourselves to carrying a persona on the outside of us, we get locked in. We find ourselves in a trance. We forget that there is another way as we have lost sight of who we truly are without all of the external personality and image, labels and validation.

Our ENTIRE lives are built around such a paradigm of falsity; one that attaches to temporary circumstances and suggests we will be loved, seen, heard and made to feel enough if we are all that is idealized and readily accepted by society. Yet, we know that this ‘success’ paradigm won’t bring us the fulfillment, joy and freedom we seek, as we never seem to have enough on this path. And even when there is enough, we continue to escape from what is in front of us through even more destructive patterns — that extra glass of wine or double chocolate cream filled donut to numb the feeling, hiding from or embellishing the truth, blaming and shaming another in our most precious relationships, or most harmful of all, having our children carry the weight of our unconscious behaviour.

The truth is that our most essential human needs include that of unconditional love and authentic connection.

The truth is that feeling loved and enough on the inside would dissolve the need for any and all of the deep desires, attachments and patterns we have taken on. And all of the pain and confusion that comes with it.

The truth is that when we can see ourselves as worthy and lovable, we have the ability to see another as worthy and lovable too.

How often do we find ourselves targeting the symptoms of the problems, and not the root cause itself? The question I often ask myself is how many billions of dollars and how much energy is later put towards resolving the ‘issues’ external to us, that are driven by what is entrenched in our belief systems within?

Consider all that we put our focus on and fight for, from climate change to political power struggles to gender inequality.. the list goes on and on. If we saw ourselves as lovable and worthy, and saw those outside of us lovable and worthy, would such patterns continue? Would we be attaching to the material, over-consuming and pushing industry to create more if we saw ourselves as enough? Would we be over-functioning our way into illness and burnout? Would we push down the truth or power of another and fight to ‘get ahead?’ Would we dim our own light and our truth into disconnection and the behaviour that results?

Ultimately, it is authentic connection and love for self, another and life that we are seeking through all of the above, though the attempt to connect and love takes place in an unproductive way, leading to highly destructive pain patterns. Moreover, we are doing more than ever before as a society to try and resolve the impact of those patterns from the outside in, rather than from the inside out.

What if we were just to let it all go? To possibly see ourselves unattached to all that is familiar? We may already know in our hearts that what we are doing isn’t sustainable, at least not with some level of peace within or the use of unhealthy remedies on the outside to keep us going.

WHAT WOULD BE THE COST? Well, the cost of dis identification with all of these external pieces of our lives may appear daunting, though the true enslavement would be staying on the path of external fulfillment for a lifetime. The true cost would be the exhaustion, depression, and anxiety that comes with the need for control and filling the void. The true cost would not truly connecting with our real selves, and relying on these false forms of connection. The true cost would be to never experience authentic love in this lifetime.

So how do we go about healing the root cause that is driving us to have more, do more, be more?

This may sound to be the simplest solution that you have ever heard. It is in fact simple, yet difficult to achieve in the world we find ourselves in today, without the right guidance and support.

THE SOLUTION IS RAISING THE CHILD WITHIN OURSELVES — THE CHILD WHO MAY HAVE GONE UNSEEN, UNHEARD, UNLOVED, AND NOT MADE TO FEEL ENOUGH, IN OUR EARLIEST YEARS. The child within that is still raging or terrified, and acts from a place of fear rather than love. The child who judges themselves for what they can and can not do. The child who still feels they need to prove themselves to be seen and heard and loved so does more and acquires more. The child who has given up on their own hopes and dreams to be seen as worthy by another. This is the child that we ALL have the responsibility of healing, as adults.

The process of evolution has it as such that our caregivers pass the baton over to us to step into a deeper state of consciousness with time. It is no one’s fault that we walk through most of our lives wounded, though it is our responsibility as adults to re parent ourselves back into a state of unconditional love and connection that we arrived on the planet with. No one else can take this task on for us. The sense of lack within is what is driving our unconscious behaviour today, and the cost is too great to not do something about it.

We are here to help you shed the layers of false beliefs and give you the tools that remind you of your true nature, in all of your worth, beyond what appears to be. You will likely be in awe at how little of life you may have been experiencing before you met the real version of self. If this resonates with you, you may already sense that you sometimes dim your own light to comfort those around you. This is not the way of conscious evolution, and it is not the path of true fulfillment. Playing small or not to our true selves not only creates self sabotage in our own lives, but also limits the permission we give to those around us to step into more — especially our children.

We invite you to come into the Raising Humanity village and allow us to witness you as you are. To be held and loved there. To be surrounded by those who have journeyed a similar path and are ready to help you step into a different reality.

Skillful guidance and unwavering support is required to have us come back into loving and connecting with our true selves. Are you ready to move into the fullness and aliveness that you deserve in this lifetime?



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