Parenthood and Awakening

Parenthood and Awakening

The following is an excerpt from Ashley’s interview with Head + Heart. To hear the complete story and the full interview, visit Head + Heart’s page.

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Head + Heart: Tell us a little about the Raising Humanity backstory, which is essentially your awakening story.

Ashley Avinashi: As a working mom, with a nanny, a 100 hour work-week, a commitment to my physical health and social obligations, I had been putting myself last for a very long time. Beyond being burned out, my life didn’t feel like my own anymore. I could hardly recognize myself in it. Yes, I heard the whispers deep down that something needed to change but even the thought of reaching out felt too overwhelming.

But then I saw the impact my own disconnection was having on my kids. There was a moment when I looked into my son’s eyes one morning and could see that his spark had fizzled too, and I knew it was because I was running on empty, that he was afraid to ask anything of me anymore. He knew I didn’t have anything to give. I was THAT parent I never imagined being. The absent, busy parent who didn’t have the space to truly SEE their child.

Head + Heart: So, was this a rock bottom moment, or more of a lightbulb moment for you?

Ashley: It was more that what were once whispers now screamed at me: something needs to change! It was a turning point, so yes, a light did go on for me, in that I made a decision to turn toward discovering what I needed to rediscover my own essence. For many months to follow, I stayed with my own discomfort and committed to re-discovering myself.