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This FREE event runs from
March 23rd - April 4th

A Message From Our Founder, Ashley Avinashi


You may be thinking:

“I feel alone and I’m not sure how to connect with others in a meaningful way?"

“I’m overwhelmed by social media and the news. How can I get the support my family and I need?"

“I feel anxious! With kids at home, I’ve got things to do and I’m wondering how to best spend the day?”

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It’s important that you have one place you can land, knowing that you will be supported by real commUNITY.

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As a small group of humans from around the world, we are committed to supporting you through these uncertain times. We have created a FREE forum, where experts, guides and coaches from around the globe are donating their time to help us RISE TOGETHER.

In this community, we will help provide support, give insights and empower you to do what IS in your control.

We are meant to get through this together.

CommUNITY Conversations:

Meet incredible experts from around the world who share their insight on our current situation, and the opportunities before us. ALL conversations will launch at 6am PDT*


What Can We Control?
The impact of stress on the body and what we can do about it.


Monday 23rd March

Guest: Drs. Nicholas and Sonya Jensen, Vancouver Canada

The New Paradigm of Education
Creating a love-based education system that our children thrive in.

Tuesday 24th March

Guest: Phil Moore, Michigan USA

What It Means to Be A Leader in an Emerging World
Why letting go of our past worries is necessary for us to lead.

Wednesday 25th March

Guest: Lisseth Wertz, Colorado USA

Living In Your Full Potential
What does It mean to embrace our anxiety and use it as a catalyst for change.

Thursday 26th March

Guest: Cheryl Brewster, Vancouver Canada

Healing From The Inside Out
Why healing our hearts is key for our overall well being.

Friday 27th March

Guest: Dr. Madalina Petrescu, Seattle Washington

* All conversations will be available for 24 hours.

CommUNITY Connections:

We will host live sessions and practices for individuals, families and children with facilitators from around the world. In our togetherness, you will have an opportunity to feel safe, grounded and connected. Please register for access to updated schedule! All sessions subject to change.

All sessions are listed in PDT

CommUNITY Resources:

A one-stop-shop where you can find support tools, on everything from health updates to family resources.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

African Proverb

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