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Program Overview 

Raising Humanity is behind the global movement of authentic parenting ™. We help parents find a way back to their true selves, so that their children can live joyous and fulfilled lives that reflect their true nature. 

We believe that shifting the way we parent will quite quickly, lead to a grounded and sustainable world; one that values human connection and rehumanizes learning. 

We have created some of the most powerful parenting programs in the world, in partnership with many of the world’s most skilled teachers, mentors, and guides. Just as we have invested in safe spaces for children to thrive on their natural growth path. 

The intention of our scholarship program is to support individuals who are passionate about being agents of real change. This program honours the dedication of families and teachers across the world, as it does those who have walked before us, planting seeds of possibility along the way. 

We hope that we can support you and those you know in helping raise humanity moving forward! 

Please read and follow the below guidelines carefully before applying for a Partial Scholarship Award.

Partial Scholarship Availability & Award Amount

Whenever we are able to award scholarships for a particular course or program, our partial scholarship award can cover up to as much as a generous 50% of the full rate. This is not applicable to early bird specials, or discounted program rates. 

Submission Process 

We will be in touch 4-6 weeks prior to the beginning of our next cohort to share if you are have been selected by our community, via email. We appreciate your patience in the process. 

Refund Policy for Scholarship Participants

As stated above, the intention of our scholarship program is to support individuals who are dedicated to becoming increasingly empowered change agents. We do ask that the course if fully completed. A refund will not apply for the course if not completed.