The 6 Greatest Myths of Our Personal Growth Journey

The 6 Greatest Myths of Our Personal Growth Journey

As parents, we all want to be better, if not the best, for our children. Sadly, there are factors, both internal and external to us, that hinder us from being our personal best.

At Raising Humanity, we have watched and worked with not only ourselves but hundreds of other parents in their personal journey towards growth and evolution. Many of us have done the work to grow on the outside, and even as we succeeded, we still somehow felt stuck.

  1. Myth: Growth is a finite process 

TRUTH: Self-discovery is a life-long journey. And once we begin to see the things we didn’t allow ourselves to see before, we feel stronger and braver to keep going. As we forge on, in time, we come into more and more of our free, self-expressive selves.

  1. Myth: You can do it alone 

TRUTH: No, no and no. We need others to help us break through what we believe to be true, as most often, we have blindsides to the unhealthy patterns we carry. Our guides, teachers and mentors help show us what we may be unaware of. More importantly, our patterns were created through connections, and therefore, can only be unwound through connection with others.

  1. Myth: You can see create lasting results at the mind level 

TRUTH: This is rarely the case for us humans. The egoic function of the mind can trick us to pull back into what is familiar – usually, these are the old patterns of fear that keep us small and limited. Most of these patterns are stored in the cellular memory of the body, not just the mind. Therefore, releasing them to create lasting change needs to be done on all levels.

  1. Myth: You can hold onto your old ways while exploring new opportunities 

TRUTH: We always need to clear space and welcome in the new by allowing the old ways to die. Movement and creation require space to grow and expand. Scientifically, we cannot receive something of a higher frequency if we are constantly operating at a level that cannot accept it.

  1. Myth: Integration is not important in our growth journey 

TRUTH: Integration is critical to our evolutionary journey. If we don’t take time and space in between deeper processes, we may find ourselves running around with chaotic energies, unable to ground ourselves in the truth of the message that is trying to come through.

  1. Myth: All healing modalities and all coaches, guides and mentors will be a fit 

TRUTH: Each human has a unique path and will resonate with different people and practices, depending on where they find themselves in life, their own personal needs and composition