The Automated Human

The Automated Human

We have come a long, long way. A long way from behaving as our human selves. Particularly in the Western World, we have learned to leave our roots behind, walking shakily to find a place to land. We have found consolation in the external. We do and do and do, in hopes of finding solace and peace, as understanding our wisdom within and using that as a navigating system has become foreign to us. We have become completely disconnected from the strength and innate power we have as human beings when we honour our truest selves.

In traveling and spending extended periods of time in nearly 60 different countries, I am less compelled to return to North America each and every time. The shock of how we operate as society continues to deny the truth within, I have spent many years re-connecting with now. As a child, we visited India for months at a time each year. I would witness a sense of spirit and deep trust for all that was, only to return to a land in which we had learned to run away from just that. I was confused at the dichotomy and had many years of traveling ahead that would help me see the truth of the discomfort in returning home each and every time.

The disconnection we feel from our human selves at the root cause of our suffering as a humanity. It is what propels us compete, rather than collaborate. It is what keeps our head in the sand, and not look to the well being of our neighbour. It is what has us cut ourselves off from the gifts and joy of our lineage, as we so boldly feel that our path as humans can be figured out at the mind level. We have forgotten how to function like humans. Humans in their natural state.

The Western World has led and continues to pollute so many others into leaving themselves behind, due to its ‘power’ to influence. Little that we choose to do in our lives represent the true essence of who we are. We value material wealth and getting ahead more than we do laughter and presence. We consume a product that is not grown naturally. We move through the world as robots would, embracing orders from those outsides of us. We sit in contracted positions, driving cars for long periods of time. We are removed from nature in it’s raw form. We sit with a computer in hand for most of our days, disconnected from real human connection. The checklists have become endless. Productivity is at the pinnacle of our life’s desires.

We believe we have advanced. Yet, we continue to regress. We don’t have to go far to see evidence of this. We have never experienced such levels of mental unrest – stress, anxiety, depression. We have never worked so hard to mask our pain either – through overconsumption, and manufacturing happiness on the outside of us. And with each generation, the disconnection from who we truly are is only compounding.

One of the key indicators of our regression is that we are struggling more than ever to raise our children. You see, children are born out of pure consciousness. When they arrive on the planet, they do not understand the separation, the control, the neurotic desire to prove ourselves to those around us. Because they are carinated knowing they are enough and are born from love. It is the suppression of their true humans’ selves that they are battling each and every day. Their real emotions, their need for authentic connection, the expression of their uniqueness are all put to the side in favour of compliance to systems that do not support their well being nor innate gifts.

We box our children into institutions, into categories of personality, into robotic behaviours on the assembly line to reinforce the fear of their not-enoughness. We do to them what we have learned for ourselves. That we are unworthy and unlovable unless we regress to a framework that does not support our natural human instincts As we gaze around at our fellow humans in the Western World, we begin to recognize that those who are thriving are those who have had the courage to withdraw from the trance. Those who lived through the pain of disconnection from their human selves and have learned to honour themselves again truthfully. Those who have reconnected to their natural rhythms as human beings – moving slower, aligning with their own intuition, seeing the beauty in the land they walk on.

We are witness to just how much political chaos has arisen in hopes of controlling the minds and hearts of those who are being denied their connection to the roots they once walked with. We have a great deal to learn from the lands that have held us for many thousands of years, and the wisdom that is carried through that and its people. And it will take continued destruction and the humility that comes along with that to move towards real change.

Our humanity depends on the courage to shift out of systems that no longer support our truest selves as humans and reintegrate the truth of who we are, a deep inner knowing that goes well beyond the ways of Western ideologies. And sometimes, that shift takes pulling away from an environment that can support you to thrive. Simply because we have been caught up in the trance for much too long. The possibility of another way surely does come more alive when we are outside of the environments that created it. But running away from where we have landed in this lifetime is not a sustainable solution for many of us.

So let’s take this opportunity to work together, and take the wisdom from our ancestors and create ecosystems in which our truest humans selves feel re-emerge. So, we can not only love ourselves back into a natural state of being but also allow our children to thrive in their human essence. This is the passageway out of humanity’s chaos.