The Balancing Act

From parenting on autopilot to parenting on purpose.

The Balancing Act: Are you parenting "right"?

Are you an exhausted parent?

Are you determined to be a better mother or father?

Do you find yourself making promises to yourself to do things differently, but keep falling back into the same old patterns?

Are you often worrying that you are not doing it correctly?

You are not alone!

With our dynamic, experiential, and affordable program, The Balancing Act, you will be able to tap into a more abundant and peaceful energy and build a better connection with your child, without having to spend endless time and money on books, therapy, and workshops.


Meet Ashley, Founder of Raising Humanity

Before I became a mother 6 years ago, I thought I had my life all figured out, yet I wasn’t quite sure what to expect on the parenting journey. I was trying to do ‘all the things’ that I thought to be right, and yet I was constantly struggling.

The more I tried to stay “in control”, resisting coming back into the virtues my children exhibited – trust, forgiveness, openness – the more my relationship with them suffered.

The relationship with my children was testing me in my truth each and every day.

I wasn’t able to see that my need to meet the expectations of others was tied to my own sense of worthiness. So I was continuing to over function as I sought love and approval from those around me.

Through years of deep process and support, I became much more aligned with my true self – which indeed, is a forever journey!

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be taught by some of the greatest teachers in this field.

Today I’ve become the mother I had never anticipated being, due to my own willingness to let go of what was no longer serving. After many years of learning and transforming my own relationship with my children, I’m happy to present this program to other parents in order to support them in their process of change.

This work brings together perspectives and tools from transpersonal psychology, conscious coaching and energetic healing. We understand that true healing and growth is complex and multi-layered.

You’ll be a part a bigger community other parents all together supported by an entire ecosystem.You will feel very well supported during what can be a life-altering journey for those who truly commit to it!

We invite you to join us on this journey and walk together to rise to the best version of ourselves. So you can better model for your children what is possible!

You deserve a happier and more fulfilling life. As do your children.

Love and gratitude,

Counselling Practitioner Level 1. Transpersonal Therapy, Clearmind International

Certified Conscious Parenting Coach Practitioner

International Best Selling Author- Ignite Your Parenting

Parenting is one area of life that does not come with a manual.

It can be one of the most difficult roles to balance ourselves in, as we feel the desire to give our children the best – which often means that we give most of ourselves away.

But what do your children truly need?

The last thing they need is;

Overworked, stressed and overwhelmed parents that are not able to be fully present during the precious moments they spend with their children.

The best gift you can give your children is becoming a happy, fulfilled, and present parent.


Only a few of us, however, are able to achieve fulfilment as parents on our own.

The truth is, parenting is an ever-evolving journey that requires support as we move through it.

In The Balancing Act Program, you’ll begin to identify where you are overextending yourself and how that is not serving you or those around you.

You will be able to tap into a more abundant and peaceful energy and build a better connection with your child.

Here is what you will experience as you dive in:

  • A deeper understanding of why your children act out as they do, and what can be done about it
  • How to feel more calm and less reactive regardless of your child’s behaviour 
  • How to deepen trust and connection with your child
  • How to set loving and healthy boundaries so your child feels safe to explore and learn
  • How to become a better version of yourself, and stay accountable to the path of growth

Are you ready to dive into more?

Upon registration you will receive:

A 4-week guided journey online

Supplemental videos with practical exercises and tools

A roadmap as to how to live your authentic life as a parent

What You'll Learn:

Upon registration you will receive:

1. Giving your child what they truly need - authentic love and connection

A 4-week guided journey online

What is underneath the anger, tantrums, and unruliness

What does true connection mean? How to connect with your children even in difficult moments?

2. Discovering what projections and fears you carry based on your conditioning

What role do patterns, projections, and paradigms play in parenting

How to interrupt old patterns and what role does relationship with your own caregivers play in this

How to promote patterns that are healthier and more aligned with your family values

The truth about the illusions of happiness and the myth of the perfect parent

3. Practicing Presence: Deconstructing triggers and nourishing self through mindfulness

What is an inner child and how it is influencing your life. How your inner child might be compromising the relationship with your own children

How to become more present with your children by creating time and space for yourself

Learning how to pause and meditate throughout the day

4. Creating loving boundaries and offering constructive guidance

Understanding the sovereignty of your children and your role in preserving it.

Guiding your children out of love and not from fear

How to balance between knowing when to give in and when to discipline

What are loving boundaries and how to implement them in ways that help your children thrive

Past Members Experiences

What I loved most about the Balancing Act program was the focus on what I can control. Like all parents, I love my son and want to do what's best for him. Having the space to be vulnerable & focus on me was not just welcomed, but created clarity on how I want to show up for my wife, son & myself. I feel every parent needs this.

Alex Kuhn. Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

I loved the Balancing Act program. It was suggested that we complete that in preparation for our 1 year long experience with The ReConnection Project. The Balancing Act really helped me to deeply self examine my triggers with my child, how they evolve from unconscious self-limiting beliefs and how all of this plays out to impact the level of healthy connection I am able to have with my daughter. I know that I need to have a good understanding of myself because WHO I show up as greatly affects the kind of parent I am for my child.

Dawn Williams. Douglassville, Pennsylvania

“The Balancing Act was such a supportive and authentic approach that took parenting to a deeper level. The insights gained gave me an awareness that I now can never not see, and to ignore such knowledge would be a detriment to my purpose as a parent. Thank you to Ashley and the Raising Humanity team for having such a profound impact on my life and the lives of my children.”

Natalie S. Toronto, Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I feel that things may get better on their own. Or with time. Why should I do this work?

A: There is a great cost to us not being present to our children. We can leave this to hope to luck or create intention around it and take action. Children need their parents to role model what is possible in life more than ever before, and we know that parents are their best selves when they too are supported on the journey

Q: How much time will I need to set aside?

A: Be prepared to spend an average of 20-30 minutes a day.

Q: Why would I do this instead of reading a book or listening to a podcast?

A: The journey of parenting is a continuous one. During your journey as a parent, you will be constantly learning and growing along with a community of experts and parents just like you! Witnessing others in their movement gives us tremendous permission to step out in ways we may not otherwise allow ourselves.

In addition, the support you get from a community is also a more personal and tangible one. Books don’t offer the same advantage and communal value.

Secure Your Spot Today!

You are taking a tremendous leap into reclaiming the power you have over your own life. And only by living in expression of your most authentic self, you will be able to model for your children what is possible for them.

The support available in this space will encourage you to take leaps that you may not take on your own.

You will experience accelerated shifts within your heartset and behaviour and this will allow your life to become easier and more in flow.

This space will give you the allowance to be more present to life, and to your children.