The Playground Of Life: The Future of Learning

The Playground Of Life: The Future of Learning

The Playground has been created FOR community. BY community. 


Because we believe that every family needs a village they can rely on. Consistently. It is no longer a luxury to have a safe and honest community– it’s a necessity for us to be sustainable as a humanity, as we have learned through the pandemic. A village IS also the solution behind the modern-day parenting struggle and all that comes along with it, including skyrocketing mental unwellness in our children.

A lot of the learning and behavioural challenges we see in children today are not based on their inability to learn, but rather the environments they are learning in to not be conducive to their natural learning patterns. 

In order to offer children more space to breathe, explore and play naturally, we believe that there have to be more adults involved in the process, and to have learning crossover from school to home more readily, and vice versa. 

To this, we believe learning isn’t only up to the parent at home, and teacher to school. There are some significant shifts we are called to address TODAY. 

Some of these solutions offer:  

  • Parents emotional support and healing through community 
  • Teachers support in understanding the emotional landscape a child may be navigating, and how that shows up in their learning and development 
  • Value-based spaces for parents, teachers and children to connect more readily 
  • A child-led curriculum focus on exploratory play and connection, yet emotionally-informed
  • Widening the lens of many privileged educational communities, to bridge the gap to underserved population 


These solutions have, over time, been merged into one space, The Playground of Life. 

In the Playground of Life, we help families reconnect to their truest nature. For years, we have been guiding parents and teachers to reclaim their own authenticity and relationships through safe emotional connection. 

In our years of supporting parents in their unlearning through therapeutic guidance, coaching and emotional healing, we have a clear picture of what the future of parenting looks like, and what healthy development of our children requires. We have also identified what the role of a teacher, or mentor, is in this support system.  The playground is the intersection of all of this. 

As far as a framework, the ‘mentors’ offer daily sessions, monthly workshops and homeplay, while our holistic healing team helps both parents and teachers on their unlearning path. So that all in the space can connect more authentically with time. Flexibility and accessibility are critical for families at this time. 

We have not seen such an affordable model available to support families, no matter where they are in the world before. We have never seen a playground that brings so many unique humans together to help children tap into their intuitive nature. 

We envision children of the playground being safe enough to trust themselves again. To connect and care for one another truthfully. To engage in sustainability projects they believe in, with one another. To travel to other villages around the world, sharing their own gifts and celebrating that in others.

Most of all, we dream of children who inspire and support those who may not have the same opportunities that they do.

It is time to return to learning through life and in community, so that parents and teachers are no longer running through life, carrying the weight of raising future generations alone. We can no longer afford to keep compromising our well-being today in hopes of a good future. Life with children was never meant to be a solo journey, nor a list to get through. We were never meant to wait until graduation or retirement to start living fully.