The Toll Of Inauthentic Leadership

The Toll of Inauthentic Leadership

The face of leadership is shifting. Dramatically. The way of the past — dominated by fear, control, and hierarchy — is now taking a new shape.

As the world comes into a deeper awareness of just how the veils of illusions look and feel, it has become clear that old patterns of leadership are ineffective, to say the least, if not destructive to all those within their system.

Take a look at leadership with our traditional education system for example — the hierarchy of a teacher-student is very evident. The teacher has all the ‘answers’ and the student complies, obeys, and shuts down when disciplined. The student is told they are ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ for acting from their unmet needs — often not being seen or heard in their discomfort or confusion. They are ostracized for being ‘different’ and not learning in the way their peers may.

It would be a fallacy to deny that even as adults, we often have to break away from our day-to-day lives within the systems to simply breathe. To be able to let go and release the built-up tensions. To connect with ourselves and our feelings truthfully in place of putting on a good ‘show’ for the outside world through compliance and agreeable behaviours.

Until the last generation, the physical discipline has been readily used in schools. What are we teaching those who are curiously exploring the world, and their own unique gifts by imprisoning them to unproductive methods of growth?

This leads to the question — how is it that we can create environments in which we can thrive as leaders, and those around us can do so as well? How is it that we can feel empowered while not feeling threatened by the empowerment of others? How is it that we can really come into owning what is ours, and truly accepting the other as they move into their learnings?

We could once stand alone, without a desire for collaboration or elevating others in their gifts. We could burn the midnight oil for long periods of time and see tremendous productivity, yet be crumbling with unfulfillment and disconnection inside.

How is it that we show up for ourselves and others when our cup is empty? When we are feeling lack, and caught up in patterns of self-sabotage such as workaholism, attachment to power, and a need for control?

Now we are being called into a different way. One that has us first prioritize the essence with which we show up to life –perhaps one of abundance, acceptance, and love. One that understands that we are all on our path of growth and that all that we do in life is simply a portal of self-exploration and joy. One that allows for our own vulnerability and opens to a more meaningful connection with those we lead. Especially our children.

We can spread fear as leaders. Or we can spread love. But the latter will require us to clear our pain patterns and projections and take full responsibility for ourselves before we try and serve another.

What are you choosing for yourself and the world around you?