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For you and for children.

Real Community. Real Connection. Real Change.

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Does it ever feel like you seem to be doing everything “right” and yet, your life and relationship with your children are far from ideal?

  • Do you put a lot of pressure on yourself and your children, pushing everyone to achieve more, leading to a life of constant busyness? Living day in, day out, an endless pattern of running around doing everything so you can tick off the boxes on your To-Do-List?
  • Do you sometimes feel like a failure in the ‘good’ parent department? Confused as to why it feels so difficult to be patient and understanding towards your child?
  • Does it feel like you have no time and energy left to just have fun together? Does this leave you feeling empty, disconnected and even guilty?
  • Do you find yourself prioritizing everyone else’s needs above your own, forgetting about yourself completely? Does it leave you feeling alienated, resentful and frustrated?

Our Member, Michelle, Shares Her Story.

If any of this describes you, you may sometimes wonder ...“What am I doing wrong?”

It’s simply because you, like every one of us, are being guided by, on one hand, social conditioning, and on the other, the deeply rooted emotional wounds that dictate our beliefs and behavior and, thus, shape our lives.

At Raising Humanity, we call this Emotional Hunger (1). It is living from the patterns developed in our earliest years, generally prior to the age of 7 years old (2).

These patterns were adopted in an attempt to preserve the love and connection we have with those around us. As children, we learn to adjust and hide parts of who we are based on feedback from those around us – not smart enough, not pretty enough, too loud, not supported for our truest selves… the list goes on and on. And these are the same patterns that drive our lives into adulthood – in relationships, in parenting, in the workplace, and much more. Unknowingly, our entire lives are based on the aspects we were not accepted and loved for as children.

The root cause of the patterns are concealed within the subconscious part of the mind, or that which is not within our immediate awareness. And yet, these exact patterns drive 95% of our adult behaviour. (3) Often, we simply believe that certain behaviours are a part of our ‘personality’ – not understanding that a personality is derived from our conditioning.

Living from this place can create very unhealthy patterns in our attempt to connect to life and love. Additionally, not understanding the root cause of why we do what we do, can lead to great confusion and frustration in our adult lives.

Furthermore, the emotional burden we took on as children in times that we were not seen, heard, and held in our pain, move with us into adulthood. We carry the weight of these unprocessed emotional experiences within the cellular memory of our body, leading not only to health issues, but also, transmission of the pain patterns to our children.

Energetically, children feel all unprocessed pain, and carry that burden with them for their lifetime ahead. This goes on until the parent decides to clear their own path, to release their children from their emotional burdens.

This is why we have created the ReConnection Project at Raising Humanity. We believe that with the right support, everyone should have a chance at living their best lives. Doing our own inner excavation as parents is directly correlated with raising joyful, resilient, and emotionally connected children. And we are here to help you with that - so you can make a powerful paradigm shift towards freedom, joy and a life on purpose.


(1) The Cost of Emotional hunger vs. Authentic Love.
(2) Dr. Bruce Lipton, The Biology of Belief. 2016.
(3) Dr. Joe Dispenza, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. 2013.

Am I ready to unveil some hard truths about the parenting journey?

We share a few here:

Your children are here to be your teachers.

Before your children were born, you could easily avoid facing the limiting patterns within - burying the discomfort by distracting yourself with more work, more fitness, more social activity. Your children live in the truthful energy we are all born with and WILL bring attention to where you are not in your truth.

Your children will continually bring light to the unmanifested parts of you - or those you attempt to strategically hide, hoping that no one will meet the real you underneath the masks.Having to face our true selves through our children can make parenting feel like an uphill battle! They are your teachers as much as you are theirs. For this, parenting is not a role, it is a relationship to be nurtured and honoured.

How you become a better parent is by embracing work on yourself first.

You can’t pour from an empty cup. Your sense of self-worth, the way you feel about yourself and your life, and absence or presence of enoughness is the foundation for all relationships in your life - especially with your children. And as long as you are unconscious of your own pain patterns, they more than likely will be passed onto your children.

That’s why it is your personal responsibility for yourself and your children to acknowledge and start releasing your emotional pains from the past. Contrary to old paradigms, showing up for yourself is not selfish - this is the only way to be able to show up fully and support your kids and your family. Self sacrifice and lack of self regard only weakens our ability to role model for our children, just as it is as important to know and connect with the self while in a relationship with another.

Everyone has emotional pain points that date back to their earliest years, no matter how seamless their lives may appear to be.

Some may hide the pain of their patterns better than others. Some disconnect from the emotions they carry beneath the surface. All in hopes of not facing what is under the deeply rooted conditioning. Letting go of what no longer serves us as we grow is all a part of our human evolution. You are not alone and there’s a way to resolve them over time. We know just how.

Now, what would transpire if you transformed the deeply-rooted patterns that are controlling your life as a parent today?

  • Overcoming the pressure to be perfect, learning to be present, creating space to enjoy life more without constantly needing to rush and be busy.
  • Having the courage to show up fully, being free in the way you think, connecting and expressing yourself in the world.
  • Connecting in a meaningful way with your child, as a parent-friend to your child, guiding without the anger, resentment, guilt and shame that are projected from your own childhood wounding.
  • Rediscovering your authentic self and becoming more connected to your inner guidance and purpose.
  • Taking responsibility for defining your own success, organizing your family life and parenting on your own terms.
  • Living in the flow, according to your life purpose, with ease, joy, and fulfillment.

If you ever find yourself thinking …

  • I just need to read that one book or attend a workshop to heal for real …
  • I have no community to turn that understands my struggle to juggle All The Things
  • Wait, I should be able to do it all! I’m a parent, it’s part of the job, right?
  • I can’t create meaningful change in my life without compromising time with my family …

Introducing …
The ReConnection Project

The ReConnection Project is a ONE YEAR process experience designed to help you release the emotional pain that is driving your current behaviour so you can live your best life – a one-stop-shop, fully integrated process for REAL CHANGE.

The highlights:

  • A comprehensive approach – we bring together elements of transpersonal psychology, conscious coaching and energetic healing, We have researched and put together the most effective modalities (energy work, breathwork, deep meditative experiences, holistic health support) to help you let go of the wounds on every level: mental, emotional, physical and energetic.
  • Immersive experience – six continuous months of access to experiential process. Additionally, tools and exercises complement the work to heal not just the symptoms, but the root, for a more effective, lasting change.
  • Top level facilitators and coaches that work with hundreds of people across multiple modalities. Collectively, they carry 100s of years of combined wisdom and hands on experience.
  • Integration practices throughout the program to ground you in the weekly processes.
  • Authentic community – to help skyrocket your growth by witnessing the processes of others. A unique space to connect, support and learn from each other.
  • Incorporation into your home life – live online session- your family is invited to follow your progress and support you on your journey.


BONUS: A 6-month integration process follows the 6-month immersion to ensure lasting change

The only program for parents that offers an immersive experience supported by a team of experts, healers and conscious coaches. Lasting change – from the comfort of your home!

Break the cycles of disconnection and struggle in the parenting journey. Transform your parenting experience into one of meaningful connection and growth alongside your children.

Here’s what you need to know to bust all the parenting myths out there:

Our healing to create lasting change begins with the four dimensions of our human experience: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.
It has to happen at a cellular memory level.

You don’t have to do it on your own.

In fact, group and community healing is a fundamental part of accelerated growth.

Oh, and sure, parents can “do it all”, but we guarantee you’ll nod along when we say that comes at the very serious cost of connection, meaning, ease and flow.

That’s why we created The ReConnection Project.

So you can step into your best life and interrupt the harmful belief patterns of perfection we are transmitting to our children today!

Your Support Team:

You are supported by an entire ecosystem of incredible teachers, mentors, experts and healers who have walked the path. This team also includes life coaches and conscious parenting guides who will support you through the journey. Together, they offer 100s of years of combined wisdom and experience. You will feel very well supported during what can be a life-altering journey for those who truly commit to it!

Meet Your Program Curator and Facilitator: 

Hi, I’m Ashley!

Ex-perfectionist, workaholic and survivor of extreme sleep deprivation by the age of 35.  Despite a seemingly perfect life, following the prescribed formula of success was no longer working for me. I was on the wheel for decades, disconnected from myself and the life around me.

Excessive fatigue and lack of inner peace plagued my life.

How could I raise my children in today’s world of excessive demands, while honouring myself through the process?

Through years of observation and study, I witnessed countless others struggling with the modern-day parenting experience, and the disconnection and unfulfillment that can ensue.

As I invested in myself honestly and leaned into my own truth, my entire life began to turn. The clarity emerged as I returned to my roots, and the transcendental practices I learned as a child.

I came to experience the joy and expansive energy that being deeply connected with our true self and authentic heart creates. I acted in ways that showed that I loved and honoured myself. The need for control and this overriding sense of having to prove myself were behind me. There was a feeling of expansiveness and growth in each experience.

This WAS the way I had been seeking.

Raising Humanity is a manifestation of the desire to share a revolutionary parenting path, and help transform lives and legacies. We all need to be heard and seen as we are, so that we can move past the old patterns that keep us from experiencing life fully. And this takes a village.

With the help of numerous experts, tools, and resources, we have created a highly curated experience for you. The ReConnection Project is one-of-a-kind, fully immersive and community based program. The six months of integration thereafter will ensure that you feel supported in the journey.

We trust that when we love and raise the child within ourselves, we can lead with the joy, love and freedom our children deserve to be witness to.

Each of us deserves to experience joy – this is our birthright and we are dedicated to helping you get there.

Can’t wait to see you in the village!

Love and gratitude,

Ashley Avinashi | Founder of Raising Humanity
Counselling Practitioner Level 1. Transpersonal Therapy, Clearmind International
Certified Conscious Parenting Coach Practitioner
International Best Selling Author- Ignite Your Parenting

Your Guest Facilitators

The live experiential component of The ReConnection Project makes this journey very unique. We know the power of quantum healing in a group setting. We have also learned that to truly move past old patterns and create lasting change, we need to move into the emotional body.

Our top-level experts have been hand picked from around the globe, to help you move through the process efficiently and safely. They bring you high level guidance in the areas of energetic healing, breathwork, deep meditation, naturopathy and more.

The experiential part of this program is key for lasting change. You no longer have to take time away from your children and travel to access it! We bring it right to you.

Sam Cotton

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Maitreyi Yogacharini

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Lisseth Wertz

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Lauren Grace

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Patricia & Bill Clum

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What You’ll Learn


During the introduction period, you will learn how to get the most out of this journey:

  • How The ReConnection process works, how it will help you step into true self and become the parent you have always wanted to be
  • How understanding our childhood beliefs can help create sustainable change in our adult lives
  • What tools and resources you have access to at all times
  • How to best support yourself during the journey and have your family feel seen throughout the process as well

Phase 1 – ReConnecting to Awareness

  • How you can best take responsibility as a parent
  • What your child(ren) are here to teach you
  • What role family systems and people in your life play
  • How to begin to listen to your triggers, your body and your emotions
  • How you can begin to experience safety, security and trust for life

Phase 2 – ReConnecting to Childhood

  • What children most need and are not often provided
  • How your childhood has impacted your adult life
  • How healing our relationship with our caregivers opens the door to being our best selves as parents
  • How to use your emotional states as direction for healing and growth
  • How to navigate through different energy states to support the release process of old habit patterns and emotions

Phase 3 – ReConnecting to Authenticity

  • How to further identify and let go of disempowering beliefs and patterns that don’t serve the real you
  • Experience the feeling of who you really are without all those blockages
  • What the permanent truth of you is and how to ground in this daily
  • How to get clear on your true values, and align them with your behaviour
  • Why living honestly and purposefully is vital to our well being s

Phase 4 – ReConnecting to Love

  • What is authentic love and where does it come from
  • How we can lean on the power of the heart’s wisdom and guidance
  • How loving self is foundational for loving another
  • How acceptance, compassion and vulnerability will shift your capacity for love
  • Practices and tools to continue to nourish yourself with love

Phase 5 – ReConnecting to Joy and Freedom

  • How to reclaim your worthiness as a sovereign being
  • How to bring joy back into your day to day life
  • Why freedom is one of our greatest values as humans, and what it looks like
  • How expressing your whole and human self will free you, and those around you
  • How to reconnect to your vulnerability, as a superpower

Phase 6 – ReConnecting to Relationship

  • How parenting can be the greatest portal to growth
  • How do we come to parenting mindfully, through open mindedness, peace and a sense of inner knowing
  • How to repair past wounds with your children
  • Why is it valuable to reflect on the lessons your children are here to teach you
  • Tools and processes to best support your child to thrive and live their most authentic lives, moving forward

Phase 7 – Integration

  • Why being witnessed in community is a necessary part of our growth path
  • How important integrative practices are in accelerating self-discovery
  • Why lasting results depend on taking time and space to integrate
  • What is the cost of not grounding in new awareness to you and those around you
  • Tools and practices to take everything you experienced during the program into your everyday life

What makes this process unique?

1. One-stop-shop program for parents’ transformation
We know how difficult it can be to find the right coaches, healers or modalities that serves you well. And how disappointing it is to get the most out of it, and still feel like there’s something missing or that the results don’t last. This process could cost you a great deal of time, energy and investment. At Reconnection Projects, we did this work for you.

We combine a comprehensive program curriculum, community, integration and experiential processes with industry experts that collectively bring 100s of years of experience and wisdom working with different modalities into one space.

2. Experiential Processing
We understand how frustrating it can be to work to create change and not see the results. We have come to see how limiting change can be at the mind level. As much as we seek to shift our patterns by believing we are capable, the mind typically wants us to live by what is comfortable, familiar and safe.

The root of our patterns are most often buried in our subconscious. Nearly 95% of our patterning is buried here from our earliest years, and so, not within our immediate awareness. This is why we have brought experts in to help assess what is beneath the surface of our knowing, to create change from the root of the behaviour rather than focus on the symptoms. This approach is key to lasting results.

3. Authentic community
Many parents are struggling with very similar issues feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, yet so often they feel misunderstood and isolated. It’s not easy to share your doubts and fears in the society that expects you to be strong and have it all figured out.

In the ReConnection project, we bring together parents who have been on their personal-growth journey and are ready to dive even deeper. Here, you don’t have to wear masks or put effort towards pretending. Together we create a safe space that encourages vulnerability and showing up as you are, which is necessary for real growth. A space for connection, support and learning from each other as we all have one common goal - to let go of limitations and live our best lives. For ourselves and our children.

4. Quantum healing framework
The impact of being witnessed by another in our growth is tremendous. The impact of being witnessed by many creates allowances for ourselves that we may not have in a lifetime of trying to do it on our own.
Through our group processes and the online forum, you will witness many others going through their journeys too. Often the mind cannot differentiate what we have personally experienced from what we have witnessed when we are connecting at a deeper level to self and other! This invites you to face what they are allowing for themselves - giving you permission to do the same. Quantum leaps are possible when we move through our experiences in a group setting, as we do in this program.

5. Continuous integration
How many times have you’ve been to a seminar where you got a ton of insights and realizations? You thought, this is it! My life will never be the same - just to come back to your routine and realize that you couldn’t resist your old habit patterns. The change can happen instantly - the challenge is to internalize it and incorporate your new way of thinking and behaving into your daily life.

At The ReConnection project, we understand the importance of integration. We know that only by integration we can ensure lasting change. That’s why we emphasize the importance of going through the program from the comfort of your home - alongside your family. Having a combination of available informational resources, live group sessions and community forums as well as one-on-one coaching sessions to hold your hand every step of the way during the program and even when it ends. That’s why we have a 6-month post program integration support for every member of the community.

How it works

1. Program begins once a quarter with limited spots. By application only
2. Twice monthly experiential sessions with experts
3. 1-on-1 calls with life and conscious parenting coaches
4. A 6-month curriculum of teachings, videos, exercises, and toolkits
5. A commitment of minimum 2-4 hours a week for the deep dives and related exercises.
Note that the more invested you are in the process, the greater your results.
6. Private members forum
7. An accountability partner for check ins and deepening connection
8. Access to a resource directory
9. Six months of integration support after the program

Our Risk-Free Guarantee

Because we believe in the positive impact of The ReConnection Project for our students, we back it up with a risk-free guarantee.

Here’s how it works:

We expect The ReConnection Project participants to show up for themselves – to work through the course content and take advantage of the live support and group healing.

If, after committing to doing this work, you don’t feel we’ve delivered value, email our support team within two weeks of the start of the course, and we’ll issue you a full refund, less a $500 processing fee.

You are an important part of the program, so your absence will be missed by fellow participants once the program has begun. These guidelines help us honor the integrity and sacred container we are developing for you as best as possible.

What people are saying …

  • Raising Humanity created so many amazing shifts for my wife and I.

    We became more aware of the trauma that was being triggered, the wounds that needed healing, and the beliefs that needed to be further unpacked and transformed.
    Mike Zeller | Nashville, USA
  • Humanity is hungry for soulful, conscious leaders as Ashley.

    Ashley understands the conscious parenting path to a profound degree. She is one of the wisest, most loving, visionary leaders in this arena that I have had the honor of meeting. She is extremely passionate about awakening one's inner authentic truth with self love. Her very presence is inspiring to all who know her.

    Her personal journey of self-healing has deepened her understanding and appreciation of what is needed to create wholeness within. Ashley's conscious loving parenting of her two sweet boys is an inspiration to all of us parents. She is caring, supportive and authentic. Leaders like Ashley are the change we need in this world. I am so excited to be part of this Tribe with her.

    Madalina | Seattle, USA
  • Ashley has taught me ways to reconnect with my kids on a deeper level.

    From the moment I met Ashley, she had this insatiable calming energy that was needed in my life. I've lived in the hustle vortex, building out multiple businesses and through my success I was missing out on the most important thing, my children.

    Ashley has taught me ways to reconnect with my kids on a deeper level, without yelling and being stressed all the time. Through her guidance I've become more conscious and lovable in my approach. I'm so grateful for her wisdom and helping me deepen my relationship with my family and bring peace back into my life.

    Julie | Chicago, USA
  • I highly recommend this program to anyone wanting a meaningful and positive change in their lives.

    It has been truly astonishing to witness Ashley's personal growth. She has made this a priority for the sake of herself and her children. She has been a great inspiration for me and a motivation to work on myself after seeing all of the beautiful changes in her life.

    This is THE program for personal growth and a better relationship with our children and everyone else in our lives. This is one decision you won't regret! Go with an open heart and be ready to see yourself change into the person you always knew you could be.

    Nadia | Vancouver, Canada
  • Ashley speaks from her heart.

    She is truly gifted in her writing and teaching. Her insight resonates with my inner being so much. I am so excited to see where this experience and community will take us. I am so thankful Ashley is speaking out about something that is so very important. May this help parenthood evolve into what is meant to be.

    Michelle | White Rock, Canada
  • Ashley is a gifted visionary and fit leader.

    From the experience of her own journey in connecting the heart, mind and soul, comes such wisdom and profound knowledge. Ashley has put her entire essence into creating the most incredible platform to support parents (and others), leading the way with such charisma and flair.

    Ulla | Limoux, France
  • Kind and conscientious are two of the first words that come to mind when I think of Ashley.

    She puts deep care into everything she does, and she chooses to be present. Ashley is curious and humble, always seeking the lesson, listening deeply, honouring all perspectives, and finding ways to make things better for the collective. Ashley lovingly holds space for both adults and children to have their own experience, and this is the freedom I believe we all want. She is in her Dharma, in service to humanity, rooting all she does in so much love.

    Rachel | Vancouver, Canada
  •  "I am blown away by the power of The Reconnection Project. It is, indeed, the most powerful process I have been allowing myself to open up to. In all my extended inner work, as a parent and human being, I have not yet come across something as opening and healing as this course. All the processes that happened in this safe container, have brought me and all the members here, through enormous breakthroughs.   I learned my biggest blockage was that I was not good enough, not significant enough. I felt small and insignificant and denied all abundance that was wanting to come into my life. In a very short period of time, I had the chance to grow and get to the next level in my self discovery and growth. All my relationships, including the one with my son, have gone to the next level and I am now more open to understanding and accepting the people that I love, including ME! As a parent and avid learner of self, I cannot recommend this experience enough!"
    Ramona | Dublin, Ireland

Join The Reconnection Project waitlist today and receive:

  • SIX months immersive journey of ongoing process with the support of an entire ecosystem
  • Weekly deep dives with experiential experts to reprogram subconscious patterns
  • 7 comprehensive and application-based learning modules
  • 1:1 coaching calls with hand-picked parenting and life coaches
  • Ongoing authentic community support
  • An accountability partner for weekly check ins and deepening connection
  • Access to a global resource directory
  • SIX months post-program ongoing support to ensure you are able to integrate and maximize your transformational benefits!


Frequently Asked Questions



We are so confident that this community-based platform will exceed your expectations that we offer a risk-free guarantee. If you have committed fully and still feel that the program has not delivered value to you, we will credit you for your program fees (minus a $500 processing fee) within two weeks of beginning the course.

We would love to see you stay with the curriculum weekly as each module builds upon the next, but we understand that life happens! We’ll have a buffer week halfway through the program to allow for rest and any catch-up time, and all learning will be recorded and available online. Move through it all as you are able!

We totally get that everyone learns and opens up in different ways! That’s exactly why you’ll be assigned a private parenting coach who you will be able to have 1:1 calls with throughout the 12 weeks.

While attending as many of our experiential calls as possible (featuring group energetic healing) are highly recommended to experience all the benefits to you, we still record every call for you to catch up on later.

You will likely start to see your awareness level shifting as soon as you commit to the program, and give yourself permission to intentionally dive into your own inner exploration. In the first few weeks, you will come into heightened awareness as to just how we evolve as humans, and the reason for the struggle in our parent-child relationship. The momentum for growth builds over time, with commitment to seeing differently and practicing new ways of being. Many members have seen significant shifts within the first few weeks of the program!

The support team is comprised of expert healers, doctors, and guides, along with certified conscious coaches. Together, 100’s of years of wisdom is brought into one space to accelerate the journey back to your true self. You will feel fully supported in your journey.

We incorporate conscious coaching, deep healing through multiple modalities and transpersonal psychology all into one space. 75% of the program is experiential, so it can help move past the limitations of the mind that talk therapy or self-guided programs are directed towards. Due to the combination of elements in a highly curated and personalized program such as this one, we have seen drastically more accelerated progress in this program than witnessing those who may be relying on one medium of growth or trying to piece it together on their own.

The outcome of the program depends on your willingness to show up to do work and surrender to the process. The more you can let go of what you thought you knew, and make space for the new, the more can be created anew in your life.

In this one space, we combined many essential ingredients of a successful healing or growth journey. We have identified where the many gaps are as we try and piece it together ourselves. Many components make this journey more powerful than any other parenting process available online, including experiential processes, access to authentic community and ongoing integration.

If you feel that you’ve tried the books, the podcasts, perhaps even a few workshops or self-taught courses, or are simply overwhelmed with the amount of resources out there, then we encourage you to dive in. This program has been designed for those who are ready for real change.

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Giving Back

When you invest in yourself through our work, you’re also creating meaningful change in the world. Because with every program you purchase, you support clean water access for more families in need.