The Reconnection Project

Our signature Authentic Parenting program

From parenting struggles to personal power.

  • Feeling like a failure in the 'good' parenting department?
  • Comparing yourself to ‘better’ parents ? 
  • Busy looking after everyone else, and forgetting about yourself?
  • Constantly overwhelmed, stressed and burned out?
  • Struggling to summon patience and understanding?

We’ve been there. And we have the solution. 

Now here’s the secret to better parenting that 99% of parents miss…

It’s all about YOU and YOUR childhood!

When your child screams or cries, you may well be responding to them the way your caregivers responded to you.  OR you may be working extra hard to do everything you can to parent your children in exactly the opposite way that you were parented.  

Either way, the key to your success as a parent lies in your understanding of your unique blueprint for life, which was programmed in your earliest years, even before you were consciously aware.

Reconnecting to your truest nature - joyful, alive, accepting and curious - is the place from which you inspire others, not by carrying worry or guilt about what didn't go as you expected it to. Life is a learning journey for all and it doesn’t have to be as complex as we have made it to be. So let’s simplify the process together, where you get to be you and enjoy the lessons you are here for with more ease. We help you learn to do less, not more. Time to enjoy being YOU, we say!

At Raising Humanity, we call the root cause of the parent-child struggle Emotional Hunger.

These are the patterns that were developed, to preserve the love and approval of others, often at the cost of our own authenticity. Some of our early needs of being seen and loved may not have been met in the way we wished, and in turn, we learned to compensate in ways that protect our hearts from further hurt.

This isn’t your parents’ fault really - they did the best they could with what they knew. But it is now your responsibility to unlearn your limiting beliefs, if you wish to break the patterns of searching outside for the love that lives within you. This is how you free yourself, and your child to be all that you were meant to be. And create the kind of connection most families dream of.

Our mission at Raising Humanity is for grown-ups to nurture the child within themselves so they can experience the joyful and authentic dance that life can be. We believe that re-parenting ourselves and the unique seeds we each carry leads to open, authentic and inspired generations ahead! 

That’s why we created The ReConnection Project™.

Make a powerful paradigm shift towards freedom,
joy and a life filled with purpose.

Ashley is a gifted visionary and fit leader.

From the experience of her own journey in connecting the heart, mind and soul, comes such wisdom and profound knowledge. Ashley has put her entire essence into creating the most incredible platform to support parents (and others), leading the way with such charisma and flair.

UI la | Limoux, France

Ready for the three hard truths about parenting?


Children are here to remind you of what you have forgotten.

Maybe you could avoid facing yourself fully before your children were born; and suddenly you find these small beings are holding mirrors up to your life.  You can no longer hide!

Parenting therefore is not a role; it is a relationship to be nurtured and honoured.


You become a better influence on children by connecting with the child within you.

“Please put on your own oxygen mask, before helping others with theirs” says the aircraft attendant.

In The ReConnection Project™, we know that your sense of self-worth is the foundation for all relationships in your life, especially with children.   As long as you remain unaware of your own emotional hunger, you may unknowingly pass them onto children around you.

That’s why we explore how our past is shaping our present-day experience as we practice shifting our old selves into new ways of being.


Everyone carries emotional baggage, no matter how seamless their lives appear to be.

Some simply hide it better than others.  Others disconnect from the emotions they carry just below the surface.

Letting go of what no longer serves us is part of our human evolution.  But you cannot do it alone.  We know just how to support you to let go and thrive!

Here are some of the benefits of The ReConnection Project™:

  • Becoming more present and aware
  • Enjoying life without constantly needing to be busy
  • Overcoming  the pressures of perfectionism
  • Connecting in a more meaningful and honest way with those who matter to you
  • Experiencing life without chronic anger, resentment, guilt and shame
  • Rediscovering your authenticity, inner guidance and purpose
  • Living with purpose, joy and fulfillment
  • All done from the comfort of your living room, online!

"I am blown away by the power of The Reconnection Project™ It is, indeed, the most powerful process I have been allowing myself to open up to. In all my extended inner work, as a parent and human being, I have not yet come across something as opening and healing as this course. All the processes that happened in this safe container, have brought me and all the members here, through enormous breakthroughs. I learned my biggest blockage was that I was not good enough, not significant enough. I felt small and insignificant and denied all abundance that was wanting to come into my life. In a very short period of time, I had the chance to grow and get to the next level in my selfdiscovery and growth. All my relationships, including the one with my son, have gone to the next level and I am now more open to understanding and accepting the people that I love, including ME! As a parent and avid learner of self, I cannot recommend this experience enough!"

Ramona I Dublin, Ireland

How it Works

The ReConnection Project™ is a six month experience, designed to support you in living your best life as a parent.

A one-stop shop for those who are serious about changing their life.

What the experience offers? 


Our The Reconnection Project ™ is by application only. This ensures that we have members who are ready for real change

Curriculum: 6 months of how to unlearn all that you’ve learned!

+ Connection: Group and 1:1 deep dives to support your emotional process

+ Private group forum

+ Ongoing accountability

+ All done from the comfort of your living room, online!

What You’ll Learn


During the introduction period, you will learn how to get the most out of this journey:

  • How The ReConnection™ process works, how it will help you step into true self and become the parent you have always wanted to be
  • How understanding our childhood beliefs can help create sustainable change in our adult lives
  • What tools and resources you have access to at all times
  • How to best support yourself during the journey and have your family feel seen throughout the process as well

Phase 1 – ReConnecting to Awareness

  • How you can best take responsibility as a parent
  • What your child(ren) are here to teach you
  • What role family systems and people in your life play
  • How to begin to listen to your triggers, your body and your emotions
  • How you can begin to experience safety, security and trust for life

Phase 2 – ReConnecting to Childhood

  • What children most need and are not often provided
  • How your childhood has impacted your adult life
  • How healing our relationship with our caregivers opens the door to being our best selves as parents
  • How to use your emotional states as direction for healing and growth
  • How to navigate through different energy states to support the release process of old habit patterns and emotions

Phase 3 – ReConnecting to Authenticity

  • How to further identify and let go of disempowering beliefs and patterns that don’t serve the real you
  • Experience the feeling of who you really are without all those blockages
  • What the permanent truth of you is and how to ground in this daily
  • How to get clear on your true values, and align them with your behaviour
  • Why living honestly and purposefully is vital to our well being s

Phase 4 – ReConnecting to Love

  • What is authentic love and where does it come from
  • How we can lean on the power of the heart’s wisdom and guidance
  • How loving self is foundational for loving another
  • How acceptance, compassion and vulnerability will shift your capacity for love
  • Practices and tools to continue to nourish yourself with love

Phase 5 – ReConnecting to Joy and Freedom

  • How to reclaim your worthiness as a sovereign being
  • How to bring joy back into your day to day life
  • Why freedom is one of our greatest values as humans, and what it looks like
  • How expressing your whole and human self will free you, and those around you
  • How to your vulnerability, as a superpower

Phase 6 – ReConnecting to Relationship

  • How parenting can be the greatest portal to growth
  • How do we come to parenting mindfully, through open mindedness, peace and a sense of inner knowing
  • How to repair past wounds with your children
  • Why is it valuable to reflect on the lessons your children are here to teach you
  • Tools and processes to best support your child to thrive and live their most authentic lives, moving forward

Phase 7 – Integration

  • Why being witnessed in community is a necessary part of our growth path
  • How important integrative practices are in accelerating self-discovery
  • Why lasting results depend on taking time and space to integrate
  • What is the cost of not grounding in new awareness to you and those around you
  • Tools and practices to take everything you experienced during the program into your everyday life


You are supported by an entire ecosystem of incredible teachers, mentors, experts and healers who have walked the path. This team also includes life coaches and conscious parenting guides who will support you through the journey. Together, they offer 100s of years of combined wisdom and experience. You will feel very well supported during what can be a life-altering journey for those who truly commit to it!

Hi, I’m Ashley!

Ex-perfectionist, workaholic and survivor of extreme sleep deprivation by the age of 35.  Despite a seemingly perfect life, following the prescribed formula of success was no longer working for me. I was on the wheel for decades, disconnected from myself and the life around me.

Excessive fatigue and lack of inner peace plagued my life.

How could I raise my children in today’s world of excessive demands, while honouring myself through the process?

Through years of observation and study, I witnessed countless others struggling with the modern-day parenting experience, and the disconnection and unfulfillment that can ...

Your Guest Facilitators

The live experiential component of The ReConnection Project™ makes this journey very unique. We know the power of quantum healing in a group setting. We have also learned that to truly move past old patterns and create lasting change, we need to move into the emotional body.

Our top-level experts have been hand picked from around the globe, to help you move through the process efficiently and safely. They bring you high level guidance in the areas of energetic healing, breathwork, deep meditation, naturopathy and more.

The experiential part of this authentic parenting ™ program is key for lasting change. You no longer have to take time away from your children and travel to access it! We bring it right to you.

Sam Cotton

Maitreyi Yogacharini

Lisseth Makhael

Lauren Grace

Patricia & Bill Clum

Here’s what you get:

  • A comprehensive approach

we bring together elements of transpersonal psychology, conscious coaching and energetic healing, We have researched and put together the most effective modalities (energy work, breathwork, deep meditative experiences, holistic health support) to help transform on every level: mental, emotional, physical and energetic.

  • Immersive experience

six continuous months of access to experiential process. Additionally, tools and exercises complement the work to heal not just the symptoms, but the root, for a more effective, lasting change.

  • Top-level facilitators

and coaches that work with hundreds of people across multiple modalities. Collectively, they carry hundreds of years of combined wisdom and hands-on experience.

  • Integration practices

throughout the program to ground your expansion.

  • Authentic community

to help skyrocket your growth by witnessing the processes of others. A unique space to connect, support and learn from each other.

  • Incorporation into your family life

your learning happens somatically and gently, and integrates naturally into your daily routine

  • All this, plus an optional upgrade to 6 additional months of integration support!

What makes this process unique?


One stop-shop

We know how difficult it can be to find time in your schedule to book appointments with the therapist, to search for all the books, and continue to look out for the next course that may just be your ticket to being a better parent.

Our invitation is to allow us to do all of the work in putting the pieces together! We have hand selected incredible facilitators from around the world, and bring them right to your living room along with a world-class curriculum and community. The experience will not have you miss out on a thing.


Experiential process:

So many of us have tried to figure it out from our heads. After all, that is what we are usually taught. Here, we understand that relying on our minds is limiting. To clear the subconscious patterns, we need to go deeper. This is what we are pros at helping you do.


Authentic Community:

We want you to feel safe here. For we know how much more healing and growth can happen when you can really be who you are. We are sure you will not be disappointed with those who guide you throughout your experience, and the members that surround you.


Quantum healing framework

Ok, we can continue our inner work 1:1. OR we can enjoy 1:1 support, while also being in community. We understand just how exponential growth can be when there is more than just you and one other person, that you meet with from time to time. You will find yourself supported each and every day in the journey. You don’t have to wait for your next therapy appointment or coaching session to be reminded of how great of a job you really are doing!


Continuous integration

Have you done it too? Been in course after course, gone to retreats, read the books. All to come down from the high very quickly? This is why we prioritize integration. Because it’s the one BIG piece that is often missed. Most environments don’t help you bring the work back into your life, continuously. We also offer 6 whole months of integration support after the program, if you are ready to enjoy the whole enchilada!

Raising Humanity created so many amazing shifts for my wife and I.

We became more aware of the trauma that was being triggered, the wounds that
needed healing, and the beliefs that needed to be further unpacked and transformed.

Mike Zeller | Nashville, USA

Our Risk-Free Guarantee

Because we believe in the positive impact of The ReConnection Project™ for our students, we back it up with a risk-free guarantee.

Here’s how it works:

We expect The ReConnection Project™ participants to show up for themselves – to work through the course content and take advantage of the live support and group healing.

If, after committing to doing this work, you don’t feel we’ve delivered value, email our support team within two weeks of the start of the course, and we’ll issue you a full refund, less a $500 processing fee

You are an important part of the program, so your absence will be missed by fellow participants once the program has begun. These guidelines help us honor the integrity and sacred container we are developing for you as best as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions


Kind and conscientious are two of the first words that come to mind when I think of Ashley.

She puts deep care into everything she does, and she chooses to be present. Ashley is curious and humble, always seeking the lesson, listening deeply, honouring all perspectives, and finding ways to make things better for the collective. Ashley lovingly holds space for both adults and children to have their own experience, and this is the freedom I believe we all want. She is in her Dharma, in service to humanity, rooting all she does in so much love.

Rachel | Vancouver, Canada