We Are Energetic Beings: What Vibration Is Sitting Behind Your Actions?

We Are Energetic Beings: What Vibration Is Sitting Behind Your Actions?

We are comprised of 99.9999% energy. We are simple exchanging energy constantly with other life forces. Dr. David R. Hawkins beautifully illustrates through this work just how feelings from within transmit outward. And so, our inner state is reflected by our outer circumstances, and views.

Young children are abundantly close to pure, source energy, before the conditioning may have had a chance to play out sub consciously. Children are in their true essence if we observe them carefully and without projection of our own beliefs or expectations on them — loving, open, compassionate, forgiving, and living with limitless possibility in every moment. In turn, they tend to gravitate towards a similar vibration — adults who may be meeting them with openness and acceptance, other playful and curious children who are not as limited by their sub conscious pain patterns, and animals of course.

We stay in practice of contemplating what sort of energy is behind each action we take. Is it intentional, or forced? A child can sense the vibration one is meeting them with — they are responding to our energies, rather than the action itself. When you arrive at a family function, do you show up in love, or resistance? When you meet your partner for a date night, are you there in full presence and acceptance? When we cook dinner at home, is it infused with love? Children have an innate sense of the truth of how we are presenting, as they are deeply connected to their own energy. When we, as adults, slow down enough to attune to the energies within us, we can begin to understand that of another.

How can we take care at better managing our energies so that when we aren’t meeting life with resistance, but are able to flow even when it doesn’t seem to go our way? Do you maintain practices that keep you grounded and able to come back into your heart space, when the ego wants to take you in another direction?

Pay attention. Slow down and start paying close attention. It will change your life.